About Scott

From Radio Broadcasting to Law Enforcement

Scott started his broadcasting career back in 1988 after graduating from the Ron Bailie School of Broadcast in Phoenix Arizona.  He then had the opportunity to work as Production Director and On-Air Talent for some great broadcasting companies in Nebraska, Kansas, and his home state of Minnesota.  

In the 90's, Scott decided to return to college and start a second career earning his law enforcement degree - following in his father's footsteps.  He was hired by the Dodge County Sheriff's Office in 2002 and since then has had the opportunity to work in patrol, investigations, warrants, and on their high risk ENTRY Team.  In 2014, Scott was elected Dodge County's 26th Sheriff and currently holds that position today.  

While he enjoys his successful law enforcement career, his passion for VoicOver work has never waivered.   Scott considers himself a Full-Service VoiceOver Guy.   His goal is to help small and large businesses sound more professional by enhancing their advertising, marketing, and other audio/video projects with high quality VoiceOver and audio production.  In his professional VoiceOver studio at his home, he continues to produce VoiceOver projects for clients nationwide and in several countries around the world.

Having a VoiceOver Talent who is  also a career law enforcement officer has it's advantages - He's trustworthy, dependable, and reliable.   Scott's professionalism, creativity, and enthusiasm makes him a great choice for your VoiceOver project.     

Scott first radio station 
KZMC in Nebraska
Scott's first patrol picture with Dodge County
Scott on the ENTRY Team
Scott testifying with Senator Senjem at the Minnesota State Capitol regarding a Law Enforcement Memorial Project